Buzzed Off Film XXXIV: Inside Out (2015)

Chris and Brad are back to give you the lowdown on the new Pixar film INSIDE OUT in this spoiler-free mini episode! They'll tell you what they wish they would have paid, when to pee, and how it ranks in the Pixar list without letting their emotions get in the way! 

Buzzed Off Film XXXII: Entourage (2015)

Brad watched three seasons, Chris hadn't watched an episode, but they both went to see ENTOURAGE in theaters this week to give it a review! We give you previews of our own construction, tell you when to empty your bladder, and pay $13.50 for tickets! Find out if it was worth it without getting spoilers!

Buzzed Off Film XXXI: Tomorrowland (2015)

Disney's new theme park movie has hit the theaters, so Chris and Brad strapped on their jet packs and watched TOMORROWLAND! They'll let you know what they thought of the new George Clooney film and whether you should run to the IMAX theaters today or maybe wait until tomorrow... or next week... in this spoiler-free review!

Buzzed Off Film XXV: The Imitation Game (2014)

Too many movies this year start with the letter "I"! Hear what Brad and Chris thought of the new Benedict Cumberbatch movie that doesn't feature hobbits, THE IMITATION GAME. It's a spoiler-free review (unless you don't know the outcome of WW2) in a mini-episode format!

Buzzed Off Film XVIII: Godzilla (2014)

We saw the new GODZILLA for the next installment of our spoiler-free mini-episode reviews! Hear what Chris and Brad would have liked to pay to see the film, when they think you should take your bathroom breaks, and how this stacks up to another monster movie from recent history!

Buzzed Off Film XV: Gravity (2013)

You're probably hearing a lot of talk about Alfonso Cuaron's GRAVITY, but you haven't heard us discuss it...yet.  

Now you can in our award-eligible, spoiler-free, mini-episode series!

PRO-TIP: The 3D for this film apparently looks better in the smaller IMAX theaters. That means Century City, Los Angelenos!