Sobering Talk About Movies

Every Monday Chris Maxwell and Brad Davis invite a guest who chooses any movie that their heart desires! After viewing the movie in its entirety, they sit down and discuss the film, have some laughs, play some games...general light-hearted stuff and that's what YOU get to hear! New Episodes every Monday!

Check out BUZZED OFF FILM mini-episodes for spoiler-free reviews of newly released films!

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Episodes may (do) contain Movie Spoilers and Adult Language.

photo credits: James Wong; Carrie Casler (carriecasler.com)


The Reviews Are In:

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone raves: "I don't review podcasts."

"No, I do NOT (sic) have an hour to spare." -James Lipton

The Los Angeles Times responds: Dear Sir or Madam, We regret to inform you that The Los Angeles Times does not review amateur podcasts. We appreciate your interest in the printed word and The Los Angeles Times and encourage you to continue your quest for finding local news and opinions. If you aren't already a subscriber, did you know that The Los Angeles Times is now available at a NEW LOW SUBSCRIPTION PRICE OF $3.99/week?! 


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