215: Split (2016)

Plenty of spoilers ahead but we just can't help ourselves when it comes to an M Night Shyamalan film! This week we discuss his latest thriller, SPLIT, with filmmaker ALEX DRUMMOND! We praise the many looks of James McAvoy, discuss M Night's collaborations with Bruce Willis, and hypothesize the coming trilogy and expanded universe on today's show!

Go watch Alex's film KILLER PARTY wherever you watch your movies! Find out more @KillerPartyFilm on twitter!

The Horde

Episode 54: Sin City (2005)

This week's guest is music producer DOMINIC AMENEYRO who stopped by to watch the digital revelation that is SIN CITY! Dominic discusses his love of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino and we dig into the Director's Guild controversy over pegging Frank Miller as a co-director.

All your favorite games, black and white movies, and of course, a high dosage of Bruce Willis praise all await you in the coming hour! After the episode, check out Dominic's SoundCloud page: soundcloud.com/westminsterave

Dominic pic.jpg

Episode 36: 12 Monkeys (1995)

Our good friend and film lover Russell Dillulio comes by with Terry Gilliam's time-travel mind-bender. Russ dons a kimono for the podcast, Brad gives us another memorable 'First Impression', and everything ends with bananas. 

We turn '12 Monkeys' into a Buddy Comedy, a Murder Mystery, and re-boot the film in this week's edition of 'Milkin' It!'