Episode 99: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)

This week it's the return of comedian CRAIG PHILLIP CONANT this time with Wes Anderson's THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU! We give our due diligence to Anderson's career, play 'Trash, Star, Destroy' with movies with Bowie on their soundtracks, and Craig goes bananas over his job all on today's show!

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Team Zissou

Episode 53: The Goonies (1985)

Ever wonder what happened to Chunk? Well, comedian CRAIG PHILLIP CONANT lets us in on what he has heard became of Jeff Cohen as we discuss the Richard Donner family favorite THE GOONIES! We discuss the love triangle of Brand, Troy, and Andy (and what's really right for Brand) and what happened to the cut octopus scene! 

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