123: Demolition Man (1993)

From Sin City to San Angeles, producer DOMINIC AMENEYRO returns with DEMOLITION MAN to raze this show to the ground! We warm up our voices for bass heavy Stallone impressions, debate the best movie about a frozen guy who thaws out in the future, and discover a new euphemism for intercourse on this week's show!

Check out Dominic's electro-pop hiphop collaboration with (Z) over on www.thedreamsofz.squarespace.com and keep an eye out for their LA shows!

So Much for the Seashells

Episode 54: Sin City (2005)

This week's guest is music producer DOMINIC AMENEYRO who stopped by to watch the digital revelation that is SIN CITY! Dominic discusses his love of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino and we dig into the Director's Guild controversy over pegging Frank Miller as a co-director.

All your favorite games, black and white movies, and of course, a high dosage of Bruce Willis praise all await you in the coming hour! After the episode, check out Dominic's SoundCloud page: soundcloud.com/westminsterave

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