141: LA Podcast Festival 2015

This week we're back at the LA PODCAST FESTIVAL counting down our Top 10 Favorite Movie Franchises! We discuss the screening of 'Earbuds', the podcasting documentary, immediately regret our lists, and play clips from the past year of High On Film! Games and discussion with past guests Laura Denton, Sarah Denton, Rob Scattergood, Liz Kelso, Josh Waldron, Austin Trizinsky, and Carly Walsh!


Episode 98: Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989)

Comedian JOSH WALDRON makes his triumphant return to the show to watch INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE! We take ourselves through the temple of the Grail, wonder if Adolph Hitler was 'rock-star cool' in his home country, and discuss the most iconic part of the film: its Oscar for Sound Effects Editing!

Check Josh out on twitter @OptimusWaldge, watch his web series 'Hopeless High', and if you're in L.A. this December go see Josh at The Venice Underground Show on Dec. 10th!

Choose Wisely

Episode 51: Dogma (1999)

Season 2 kicks off the holidays with comedian JOSH WALDRON and Kevin Smith's religious experience that is DOGMA! Lots of Jay and Silent Bob oeuvre talk and, of course, plenty about the Golgotha. Stay tuned for the pilot pitch for "Growing Up Jesus" in 'Milkin' It!'

Follow Josh @optimuswaldge and look for him at the Comedy Store and Flappers in Los Angeles!