165: Man of Steel (2013)

We're getting delirious at the end of our Zack Snyder All-Nighter Marathon with DAVE BEIRNE and Snyder's swing at Superman, MAN OF STEEL! We spend too much time on Krypton, find a new insult, and Trash/Star/Destroy our marathon films!

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Reclaim What Has Been Taken

164: Watchmen (2009)

It's Part Deux of our Zack Snyder All-Nighter Marathon! Comic book guy DAVE BEIRNE is still here, this time to talk about WATCHMEN! We spoil the ending, talk R-rated superhero films, and blame Dr. Manhattan for the long run time on tonight's show!

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Life On Mars

163: 300 (2006)

In anticipation of 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice', we're pulling a ZACK SNYDER ALL-NIGHTER and kicking things off with his breakout hit 300 with guest DAVE BEIRNE! We talk way too much about 'The Owls of Ga'Hoole', can't resist new Matthew McConaughey commercials, and Dave explains why he's watched the first half of this movie a hundred times!

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Dining in Hell

140: After Earth (2013)

We conclude our All Night M Night Shyamalan Marathon with DAVE BEIRNE, JOSH HANSEN, and the bomb AFTER EARTH! Is it a movie or three levels of a bad video game? We compare it to 'Rear Window' and 'Sonic the Hedgehog' to find out, find ourselves in the presence of Josh South America, and foreign films confuse Brad on this week's show!

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Movies are Real. Podcasting is a choice.

139: The Village (2004)

It's Part 2 of our All Night M Night Shyamalan Marathon! DAVE BEIRNE and JOSH HANSEN are still with us to watch THE VILLAGE! We view Corey Feldman's 'Ascension Millennium' video, Dave gets excited over a vocal organ, and we discuss the tricks to the twist on today's show!

Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion to the Marathon with 'After Earth' and check out our Buzzed Off Film review of Shyamalan's new film 'The Visit' out now!

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Those Who Do The Speaking

Buzzed Off Film XXXIX: The Visit (2015)

It's a mini-episode collusion with our All Night M Night Shyamalan Marathon! JOSH HANSEN sticks around to watch the new film THE VISIT and gives us one hell of a grindhouse trailer. It's a spoiler-free review so fear no twist where we tell you what's really going on.

Check out the rest of the All Night M Night Shyamalan Marathon With Episode 138: The Sixth Sense, Episode 139: The Village (Out Tomorrow!), and next week's show: After Earth.

138: The Sixth Sense (1999)

This week we're kicking off our All Night M Night Shyamalan Marathon with THE SIXTH SENSE and guests DAVE BEIRNE and JOSH HANSEN! We count with ordinal movie titles, play an 'Everything is Whispered' version of 'First Impressions', and nobody talks to Bruce Willis on this week's show! Next week, the Marathon continues with 'The Village'!

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