Episode 91: LA Podcast Festival 2014

This week Chris and Brad head to the 3rd annual LOS ANGELES PODCAST FESTIVAL to count down their Top 10 Exemplary American Movies! Meanwhile, we check out some Deleted Scenes from the past season that feature guests RILEY GRAE MOORE, LUCY SHEFTALL, RUSSELL DILLULIO, ERIN COLEMAN, AMIR TILLARD, and ERIN TEACHMAN!

Pics or it didn't happen

Episode 75: Die Hard (1988)

It's the 75th episode which means that it's time for the co-host from the couch, Brad Davis, to pick the film! Widely considered the best action flick; it's DIE HARD with guest and friend of the show RUSSELL DILLULIO!  Chris and Brad forget to do any vocal warm-ups, they discuss a holy trinity of action movies, and Russ describes the film as "a beautiful love story between two cops".

Remember to check out Brad's Pittsburgh Pirates-based baseball blog here!

Thanks for 75 weeks of support!

Yippie-ki-yay motherfucker.

Episode 36: 12 Monkeys (1995)

Our good friend and film lover Russell Dillulio comes by with Terry Gilliam's time-travel mind-bender. Russ dons a kimono for the podcast, Brad gives us another memorable 'First Impression', and everything ends with bananas. 

We turn '12 Monkeys' into a Buddy Comedy, a Murder Mystery, and re-boot the film in this week's edition of 'Milkin' It!'