204: The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

Happy McConuary, everybody! Writer BRENDEN GALLAGHER returns to the show to watch the prodigal McConaissance film, THE LINCOLN LAWYER! We dive deep into McConaughey's experience in the courtroom, Chris discovers imcdb.com, and Brad and Brenden debate the merits of Will Smith on today's show!

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Best Scene

LX: La La Land (2016)

We dance our way into the warm, fuzzy sunshine of LA LA LAND in this spoiler-free mini-episode! Chris and Brad sing the praises of Damien Chazelle's third film!

200: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)

For our 200th episode, we're watching BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE with one of our favorite guests, DAVE BEIRNE! We tackle the details of time travel logic left over from last week, Dave gets time juice everywhere, and we completely forget that San Dimas High School Football rules on our Season Four Finale!

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Save the Humans

199: Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

With 'Fantastic Beasts' in theaters, we bring out our time-turners to go back and watch HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN with the incredible KATE PARKIN! We discuss the changes Alfonso Cuaron brought to the franchise, Chris doesn't care for the 'Goblet of Fire' haircuts, and Kate makes a proposition to Warner Bros on today's show!

Watch all of Kate's HP videos on You-Tube on her WeasleySweaters page and follow her on Snapchat @TotallyKato and @IfSheCanSeeIt for her work with the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media!

Three Turns Should Do It

197: How High (2001)

Tomorrow, go vote! Today, listen to entrepreneurs JAMES EDWARDS and TIMOTHY ISLAND discuss HOW HIGH! We urge Californians to vote 'Yes' on Prop 64, Trump up a category of Trash/Star/Destroy, and James and Tim suss out a How High trilogy on this week's show!

Check out GreenStop.us for more information on Tim and James' new service and watch the preview for their reality show 'Venture Cannabis' on their YouTube channel here!

Vote High

196: Big Ass Spider! (2013)

Exorcise your arachnophobia with actresses RACHAEL DRUMMOND and STEPHANIE TOBEY as we sit down to watch BIG ASS SPIDER! Steph warns us of sharks, Rachael shares a ladybug story, and Chris continues his zero tolerance policy on bugs for today's Halloween episode!

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Western Exterminators

192: Lethal Weapon (1987)

Actor BRANDON BLACK is back on the show to watch the original LETHAL WEAPON! We watch the director's cut, play Trash/Star/Destroy with Shane Black's Christmas movies, and love on the end credits titular song!

Look for Brandon on Fox's 'Lethal Weapon' on October 12th and on HBO's 'Insecure' soon! Follow him on all the social media platforms: @Brandon_f_Black on twitter and instagram, BrandonFBlack on Snapchat, and BrandonBlackActor on facebook!

Good Cop. Crazy Good Cop.

191: LA Podcast Festival 2016

It's time for our yearly pilgrimage to the LOS ANGELES PODCAST FESTIVAL! Chris and Brad count down their favorite years of film live from the Podfest and we squeeze in some previously unaired games and segments from over the last year of High On Film! Tune in for more from DAVID JACOX, CARLY WALSH, CLARKE KOHLER, DAVID DEGROW SHOTWELL, and AUSTIN TRIZINSKY on today's show!

HOF 2016