103: A Time to Kill (1996)

Happy McConuary! Writer BRENDEN GALLAGHER returns to celebrate the work of Matthew McConaughey and defend his filmography to comedian JEN MURRAY with Joel Schumacher's A TIME TO KILL! We touch on some of the films from the McConaissance, throw around our best McConaughey impressions, and log another great Samuel L. Jackson performance!

Due to some technical issues, Brenden and Jen join up for 'The Summary Game' in Part One of this two part McConuary celebration. Both guests will return in Episode 106 with Jen's choice of movie!

Follow both our guests on twitter @muddycreeku and @jenniferwithaph, go back and listen to Episode 56, last year's McConuary show with Brenden and 'Surfer, Dude', and if you're in the LA area go see Jen every Saturday night at The Comedy Store in January!

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