248: Father of the Bride (1991)

We're into the final three episodes! This week comedian JEN MURRAY joins the show to watch one of her family faves, FATHER OF THE BRIDE! We finally get to talk about Steve Martin on the show, Brad concocts an excellent X-Rated title, and we dive into some famous skiing deaths on today's show!

Los Angeles! Check out Jen's show THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID this Wednesday June 13th at the Westside Comedy Theater! Follow her on twitter @somejenmurray and on instagram @jenniferlynmurray for more info!


173: My Cousin Vinny (1992)

I do declare! Comedian JEN MURRAY returns to the show to watch MY COUSIN VINNY! We discuss the Tomei Oscar, hypothesize about Christopher Walken in the Vinny role, and dig into the tradition of southern courtroom dramas on this week's episode!

Follow Jen on twitter @somejenmurray and if you're in the LA area you can see her stand-up TONIGHT (5/23) at Mickey's in WeHo and catch her sketch comedy team Dull Boy Jack Wednesday (5/25) at The Westside Comedy Theatre!

You Blend

122: Big (1988)

We're sticking to the 1980s this week with comedian JEN MURRAY and BIG! We give Tom Hanks' career a once-over, Chris accidentally evokes the wrong celebrity in 'First Impressions', and we discuss just what makes that piano scene so great! FAO Schwarz may be shutting their doors, but it'll be forever stuck on celluloid here!

Los Angelenos can see Jen at iOWest on May 30th with her new show 'Source Material' and can buy tickets here! Everyone else can follow her on twitter @jenniferwithaph and over on www.jenmurraycomedy.com!

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106: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009)

It's the exciting end of this year's McConuary with comedian JEN MURRAY and writer BRENDEN GALLAGHER and we're watching GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST! We discuss non-McConaissance movies, watch Matt get stuck in a rain of his own condoms, and present closing arguments over McConaughey's body of work!

Check out Part One of this year's McConuary Ep.103: A TIME TO KILL here!

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Girlfriends Present

103: A Time to Kill (1996)

Happy McConuary! Writer BRENDEN GALLAGHER returns to celebrate the work of Matthew McConaughey and defend his filmography to comedian JEN MURRAY with Joel Schumacher's A TIME TO KILL! We touch on some of the films from the McConaissance, throw around our best McConaughey impressions, and log another great Samuel L. Jackson performance!

Due to some technical issues, Brenden and Jen join up for 'The Summary Game' in Part One of this two part McConuary celebration. Both guests will return in Episode 106 with Jen's choice of movie!

Follow both our guests on twitter @muddycreeku and @jenniferwithaph, go back and listen to Episode 56, last year's McConuary show with Brenden and 'Surfer, Dude', and if you're in the LA area go see Jen every Saturday night at The Comedy Store in January!

Cowboy Next Door

Episode 62: 12 Years a Slave (2013)

Comediennes and friends of the show JEN MURRAY and LAURA DENTON return for Part 2 of our OSCAR SPECTACULAR with this year's Best Picture Winner: Steve McQueen's 12 YEARS A SLAVE.

We discuss our favorite Oscar moments, Jen equates Michael Bay to David O. Russell, and Laura professes her love for Benedict Cumber-huh? in this week's super-sized episode!

Follow Jen on twitter @jenniferwithaph and Laura at @RockyRoadKill and look for SoBad-ItsGood's web series PADS @PadsTheSeries!


Episode 59: The Cutting Edge (1992)

Celebrate the Winter Olympics with comedienne JEN MURRAY and THE CUTTING EDGE! This episode features plenty of talk about other Olympic films, Jen declares herself "Mrs. Detail", and Chris draws the Porno card in 'Milkin' It!' You'll never confuse D.B. Sweeney and B.D. Wong again!

Check out Jen's stand-up all over Los Angeles and follow her on twitter @jenniferwithaph!

Episode 44: Clue (1985)

With a new 'Jen and Laura Sketch Show' looming at Westside Comedy Theatre, JEN MURRAY returns to watch the mock-murder mystery CLUE! Do board games make good movies? What would be your own personal Clue murder combo? Find out sometime between now and the end of this episode!

Follow Jen on twitter @jenniferwithaph  and check her out at M.I.'s Westside Comedy Theatre on Nov. 15th for the 'Jen and Laura Sketch Show: Skinny and Pretty'!